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14/06/2024 Banking Innovation

Reclaiming our Relevance

Kootenay Savings Credit Union (KSCU) has undertaken a comprehensive new branding initiative that reflects both the values of the credit union and its communities.

13/06/2024 Banking Innovation

Finacle Enterprise Event Manager

Specialize in solving pain points., Identified delay in notifications and real-time data transmission between core and satellite systems. We along...

13/06/2024 Banking Innovation

Private Banking Mobile

Mobile application customized and adapted to Private Banking customers

13/06/2024 Banking Innovation

Enterprise Voice of Customer Program

Enhancing customer experience by leveraging a comprehensive Voice Of Customer (VOC) program. This integrates real-time customer feedback and maps with...

13/06/2024 Banking Innovation

Decoding the Employee Lifecycle: Yapı Kredi Motiva

In the contact center industry, which operates with high turnover, as Yapı Kredi Customer Relations Center, we manage our 1,800...

13/06/2024 Banking Innovation

Self Service Sales for Fostering Growth

Every month 5 million calls enter IVR at Yapı Kredi Customer Relations Center. Not only providing self service transactions, we...

13/06/2024 Banking Innovation

Analytics For Revenue Generation: Speech Analytics for Sales Growth

Using Speech Analytics, we have successfully crafted a sales strategy focusing on data gathered from customer calls. Successfully, we created...

13/06/2024 Banking Innovation

Pioneering Sales Growth and Motivation via Gamification: Yapı Kredi BizPlay

Our gamification tool BizPlay is open to all employees and has 100% usage penetration. Since its launch we created 25...

13/06/2024 Banking Innovation

Digital Transformation

Banque Misr is one of the very first pioneers in the banking industry in Egypt and the region to offer...

13/06/2024 Banking Innovation

Yapi Kredi̇ customer relations center earthquake zone satellite locations project

After the earthquake in Turkey, one of the most important needs of adults living in container cities was to return...

13/06/2024 Banking Innovation

HiSAVE’s mission is to provide customers with maximum savings on every purchase.

HiSAVE= All offers from Network across all banks in 200 countries + Top 5000 Online brands giving best offers+ Hyperlocal...

11/06/2024 Banking Innovation

QuickFi Embedded Finance Platform

B2B Embedded Secured Lending Platform for Banks and OEMS

10/06/2024 Banking Innovation

AI Supported New Generation Internal Demand Management System

The project is an R&D Project developed on the Vakıf Katılım Demand Management System and includes the development of an...

06/06/2024 Banking Innovation

Digital onboarding of accounts for individual customers

Introducing our groundbreaking solution for digital onboarding of account by offering user friendly interface with clear instructions and minimal steps...

06/06/2024 Banking Innovation

Tokenised Treasury Direct System for Governments

Libeara - Tokenised “Treasury Direct” System for Governments

06/06/2024 Banking Innovation

Carrington Labs: Alternative AI credit risk & limit recommendation solutions

Carrington Labs offers loan-specific alternative risk scoring and limit recommendations to drive improved P&L performance.


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