Qorus Banking Innovation Awards 2014 - Winner

Geolocation in bank branches using the iBeacon technology

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10/09/2014 Banking Innovation


The first iBeacon geolocation application in the French banking industry to increase the performance of branch advisers and the quality of customer reception.

Innovation presentation

Crédit Mutuel Arkéa’s solution uses Apple’s iBeacon proximity technology – introduced with iOS 7 – to geolocate customers entering its branches and display their personal information on iPads used by the customer reception advisors in the relevant branch.

Using information such as the customer’s full name, the details of their scheduled appointment, or the date of their last visit to the branch, the advisor can then personalise their greeting and process the customer’s request as quickly as possible. Data is exchanged securely to protect the privacy of the customer.

Combining online, mobile and physical channels, the innovation has enabled Crédit Mutuel Arkéa to increase both customer satisfaction and network productivity.

Uniqueness of the project

Crédit Mutuel Arkéa has become the first French bank to use Apple’s iBeacon technology to improve the welcome its customers receive when they visit a branch. The innovation, which can be viewed as disruptive because it uses a mobile app in the physical world, positions the customer at the heart of the relationship. This is one of Crédit Mutuel Arkéa’s core strategies.

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