07/09/2018 Banking Innovation


Agent-based remote assistance model to build a new client relationship

Innovation presentation

The innovation is called inTouch. It is a new omni-channel client relationship model based on remote assistance. The bank offers to the client, in addition to all the other traditional channels (physical offices, call centers, ATM…), a personal agent, stable over time as main contact between the bank and the client. The way to connect is thought “the wall” (an internal and secure non-online chat in the client area), video-conference and telephone.

This model is a paradigm shift that focus on the client with it most valuable asset, the people that is working inside. Connecting people in a way never seen using all the tools that the advances in technology are providing being there for the clients anywhere, anytime and being always close. The model answers to the technology standards and adaptability that Google and Amazon have stablished, the tools that our users are used to (we have an internal and secure WhatsApp), and over all, the need of each of us to be connected with people, to have a real reference that helps us to solve all our financial needs

It born from Business Intelligence, as all the data company is exploited and focus on helping the agent to give the best service, to solve inefficiencies to allow him/her to help 2.500 clients. It involved many inter-company challenges with almost all the areas that give service to the clients, focused on personalization and full remote purchase and management of client’s orders.

Uniqueness of the project

There are similar models, even implemented before, that allow us to see the mistakes, the structure and the key points that may make the service unique.

Some locate them on the physical, open to public offices, keeping the same model but focusing on remote with a suboptimal solution, agents separated. Others forced the client to choose between physical and remote solutions, but the client is omnichannel, he/she want to have it all

We learned and identified a innovation model in which each agent interaction is based on data, a client is contacted because we know from data that he/she needs a loan, or a pension funds, its insurance is about to renew, or because he/she showed interest in something online. We focused on have the best financial agents in our service, and we teach them to focus only on what the client may need, using all the bank capabilities

In-Depth Analysis

The Reason Behind

The client’s expectations are changing. The way that Apple or Tesla is serving the customer is changing the way we are used to consume, to buy and to relate each other. The same customer that buys in amazon a chair, wants to buy a financed car, save for the future or interchange money across friends and family.

In this environment, the key to serve the costumer is flexibility and human relation. The client want to buy, anywhere, anytime… and connecting through what he/she values the most, be connected with other people. That is inTouch, be able 24h in the client area (“the wall”) and in the phone in an extended schedule; with an agent as a reference.

With this innovation, the bank makes a step forward letting pass the old traditional on-site old mode, its tights non-flexible schedules and the focus on financial products instead of solutions


The innovation is profitable, quantitatively it has increased revenues in sales over the control group (reference sample to monitor) during the onboarding time; and once the agents completed their portfolio, the innovation has increased revenues in sales over the average revenue in the traditional network (over x3 times rest of the bank agents profitability). It also increases customer satisfaction, the clients are increasing the amount of products with us and it is translated directly into sales and qualitative feedbacks

In terms of productivity, it has increased productivity over the traditional network (2.500 clients vs 300 average physical network), they have a much higher level of compromise and it’s all protocolled, with reduces risk and improves compliance

The projections are optimistic, as the innovation has shown to be profitable and solvent. It enriches the banks approach to customers, and is planned an expansion to cover all the national territory

our innovation in videos

Key Dates

  • Launch date 1 April 2017

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