Qorus Banking Innovation Awards 2022 - Winner

Welcome to Noa: Your Bank at the command of your voice.

01/06/2022 Banking Innovation


CaixaBank is committed to offering its customers a new channel of communication with the company based on Artificial Intelligence (WATSON/IBM), which its customers can access from any device (App, Web, Smart Speakers, Telephone Contact Center and WhatsApp) by text or voice, inside and outside of Apps.

Innovation presentation

Over this line, a new concept in voice-activated banking is being offered by CaixaBank's: the VoiceBanking Omnichannel.

Thanks to its advanced cognitive system, the VoiceBanking offers customers personalized content on Mobile App and Web Platform regarding their personal finances. For instance, a client can address to Noa and ask: "Send 10€ to Victor."

Customers can easily interact with the chatbot using a dual vision system which allows them to see information onscreen while talking. Using animations and effects that optimize browsing according to the operating system, be it iOS or Android, The VoiceBanking improves user experience within the CaixaBank App and Web. With this project, the aim is to bring people the capacity to interact with our AI Bot as natural as possible.

The VoiceBanking makes a difference by customising the conversation and maintaining a unique dialogue according to the audience it is aimed at.

Over the last year:

1. More than 4,02 million customers have talked to Noa (App & Web).

2. Noa offers more than 27,000 inputs (different ways to ask).

3. 1600 Frequently Asked Question are available in 3 different languages.

4. Noa has a 98% success rate on its answers.

Uniqueness of the project

Noa makes a difference by customising the conversation and maintaining a unique dialogue according to the audience it is aimed at. Noa VoiceBanking consists of a cognitive system formed up of more than 60,000 inputs with the aim of covering all types of conversations. This allows us to offer customers a tool based on natural language that encompasses all the company's products and services.

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