27/04/2019 Insurance Innovation


Youse is a digital guarantor that unlocks the French property rental market with an automated Financial behaviour analysis of tenants and a payment service that guarantees the rent on time for landlords.

Innovation presentation

Concept and objectives: Youse is a digital guarantor to reconcile tenants and landlords. Tenants outside the boxes can now establish trust. Landlords are safe with a payment service that pays the rent no matter what. The guarantee is automatically activated, No claims!

Reasons behind: the French Housing markets still work with fifty years old criteria such as Professional status, Family situation, Nationality. Youse breaks those rules and becomes the guarantor of tenants based on their Financial behavior.

State of competition: In June 2018, Youse was the 1st to launch a private service to guarantee all tenants no matter what their professional status is. Now, Youse is the leader of a market that counts 4 new startups as competitors.

Sources of inspiration: Personal lives of founders. A brother who as an artist can not rent an apartment. A sister who as a divorced woman with two kids struggle to convince landlords. A colleague who as a Brazilian has no french guarantor in France.

Departments involved: A brand new team started from scratch with Business, Process, Marketing, and technology expertise. Youse is a "Corporate Startup" with 6 people, multi-skilled, who works as an agile squad. the CDO impulsed this initiative.

Main result so far: 4000 files processed in 6 months. Partnerships with the two main Classifieds Website (SeLoger and BienIci). Awarded as the most innovative insurance service of 2018 and elected by Finance Innovation voters as the 2018 Insurtech of the year.

Uniqueness of the project

Youse is unique in two ways:

- the selection of trustable and solvent tenants no longer takes into account the professional status, tolerate a 40% effort rate (against 30% for the market), which integrates the variable income and savings. Youse has developed a unique automatic algorithm which relies on bank Data to establish the solvency and rigour of the candidate. The tenant no longer needs to fill in a long and complex file and get an answer very quickly.

This financial behaviour analysis is totally free for the Landlord who can rely on Youse expertise to find the right candidates.

It is a tenant selection tool for homeowners that is totally free, automatic, secure and allows them to be GDPR compliant.

- A payment intermediation service that aims to appease the tenant/owner relationship by removing the difficulties related to the payment of rents (late payments, unpaid rent). Youse automatically withdraws the tenant every month with his contribution. He then pays the landlord the fixed rent. In case of unpaid or late payment, the owner has no claim to make, no financial losses or impact because Youse pays the rent whatever happens.

Youse is a tool of fluidifying transactions and erases any financial problems related to the payments of the rents.

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