10/09/2023 Insurance Innovation


"B4E Insurtech: Revolutionizing Insurance Accessibility Worldwide. We're the pioneers in Insurance Infrastructure-as-a-Service, delivering a seamless, plug-and-play software solution for the insurance industry. Our mission? To empower innovation, develop, and deploy tailored insurance solutions for the 90% of the world's uninsured population. Our versatile system covers all rule-based, over-the-counter digital insurance products. Join us in making insurance inclusive and affordable for the entire planet!"

Innovation presentation

Innovating Insurance: B4E Insurtech's Award-Winning Journey

1. The Global Insurance Gap

- Over 90% of the world lacks essential insurance coverage.

- Traditional insurance models leave diverse populations unprotected.

2. B4E Insurtech - Pioneering Inclusivity

- B4E's innovative simple, intutive platform breaks the mold.

- Tailored insurance for underserved populations.

3. Innovation Unleashed

- Empowering product managers with creativity.

- Rapid ideation and market responsiveness.

4. Inclusivity as a Pillar

- Diverse insurance products for all segments.

- Microinsurance, peer-to-peer models, and personalized coverage.

5. Affordability and Accessibility

- Policies for various risk profiles.

- Making insurance accessible to all.

6. Driving CSR Impact

- Democratizing Insurtech without upfront costs.

- Leveling the playing field for all insurers.

7. Transforming the Insurance Landscape

- Adaptation with B4E's simple and modular platform.

- Data-driven insights for cost-effective solutions.

Uniqueness of the project

B4E Infotech USP’s: Product Features

Niche Product Compatibility: Our system adapts to a spectrum of pre-underwritten, rule-based, offer-to-accept OTC insurance products. Whatever your unique offering, B4E Insurtech has you covered.

Zero Upfront Cost: Financial constraints won't hold you back. With B4E Insurtech, focus on innovation while we handle the cost concerns.

No-Code Simplicity: Technical hurdles are history. Our intuitive interface lets your product team design and launch without the need for coding expertise.

Efficiency Unleashed: Time is of the essence. Bring products to market in under 30 minutes, propelling your business forward with unmatched efficiency.

Infinite Product Variants: Set no limits. B4E Insurtech lets you deploy multiple products from various providers on one platform, without extra charges.

Plug-n-Play Integration: Seamlessly sync data through APIs or real-time batch uploads, integrating with your provider policy-admin system.

Complementary to Legacy Systems: Enhance, don't replace. Our system aligns seamlessly with your existing tech capabilities, no duplication is required.

The catalyst for Innovation: Fuel creativity. B4E Insurtech empowers your product team to experiment and test new ideas, driving innovation.

Locally Deployed: Data under your control. B4E Insurtech ensures deployment on your cloud server, granting full network and data control.

Partnership-Centric Commercial Model: Your success is paramount. Our revenue structure aligns with your sales, making achievements a shared win.

Infinite Use-Cases: Unlock new frontiers. From untapped segments to compelling Value Added Services, B4E Insurtech expands your horizons.

Scalability: Think global, act local. Develop propositions for multiple global businesses from a centralized point.

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