05/04/2023 Insurance Innovation


Disrupting Insurance Sales with the Power of TikTok. As younger audiences 18-30yrs are more reluctant to traditional insurances and the way they are communicated we went the other way and addressed the important topic of income protection. Tiktok is one of the mostly used platforms for the 18-30 audience and the most popular type of content is user generated content (UGC). So we went on to produce UGC by ourselves and also the help of external creators.

Innovation presentation

TikTok is more than just a platform for viral dance challenges - it's a place where we can make a real difference. With TikSure, we - at Getsurance - are reaching out to the younger generation to raise awareness about the importance of cancer insurance and give them the tools they need to protect themselves.

Uniqueness of the project

TikSure is unique because it disrupts the traditional insurance sales channels that do not cater to young people anymore.

1. Getsurance offers the easiest life insurance coverage on the German market - no paperwork, no hassle. Thanks to TikSure and our mobile-friendly design over 92% of cancer policies are sold via mobile phones.

2. At Getsurance everyone gets in on the action - from our CEO to our content manager, product manager, and marketing manager, we all produce user-generated content right from our office to bost our TikSure.

2. In addition to this, we offer Tolstoy video integration feed, which helps our customers understand the importance of buying cancer coverage within seconds.

3.We don't just sell insurance - we also educate young people about cancer coverage through TikTok surveys, educational videos and emails.

4.We put our customers first: our cancer insurance sold via TikTok is designed with transparency in mind, offering clear and concise information about coverage and pricing, without any hidden fees or surprises.

5.Our 24/7 customer support provides peace of mind to our policyholders in case of any questions or concerns.

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