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Speak human, not insurance. Using WhatsApp and AI to redefine the future of claims

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18/04/2024 Insurance Innovation


Imagine filing a claim with just your phone in just 5 minutes. Reshaping the claim customer journey we’ve built a scalable solution that boosted satisfaction rate up to 89% and reduced handling time from 25 days to <24h.

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Zurich WhatsApp chatbot isn't just a tool, it's the heart of our claims transformation. It's a win-win for both us and our customers: a streamlined process, happier clients, and a more efficient operation.

Here's how it's transformed our operations:

• Faster Claims: Our chatbot guides customers through the claims process quickly and efficiently. Gone are the days of waiting on hold. Customers can open and track claims 24/7, right from their phones.

• Happy Customers: The chatbot provides clear instructions and instant updates, keeping customers informed and in control. This reduces frustration and leads to a more positive claims experience.

• Reduced Costs: The chatbot automates repetitive tasks, freeing up our workforce to handle complex cases. This translates to lower operational costs and improved efficiency.

• 24/7 Available: Customers can file claims anytime, anywhere, on their preferred platform – WhatsApp! No more waiting on hold or limited office hours.

• Streamlined Process: The chatbot guides customers through a clear, step-by-step process, collecting all the necessary information efficiently.

• Faster Resolutions: Customers can easily upload photos and documents. The chatbot facilitates document collection, speeding up claim processing.

The results speak for themselves:

• Increased Customer Satisfaction: Our chatbot has led to a significant increase in customer satisfaction with the claims process, with a satisfaction rate of 89%.

• Faster Claim Resolution: Claims are now processed and settled much faster, thanks to the streamlined process, reducing handling time from 25 days to <24h in 80% of the cases.

• Reduced Handlers Workload: Our agents are freed up to focus on more complex cases, improving overall efficiency (1 call = 2,4 chats).

Uniqueness of the project

No more digging for policy details or case numbers! That's the transformational experience we've built with our personalized WhatsApp chatbot. Here's how it redefines insurance claims:

• Goodbye, Policy Numbers: We identify customers instantly by their phone number, eliminating the need to search for complex information.

• Speak Human, Not Insurance: We've ditched jargon for a friendly, conversational tone. Our chatbot talks like a friend, simplifying the process.

• Understanding Your Every Word: Advanced NLP lets us interpret their claim no matter how customers describe it, ensuring the best possible assistance.

• Fast-Track to Humans: Need immediate help? We can identify open claims and connect customers directly with a human agent, skipping the loop.

• Beyond WhatsApp: We've integrated our chatbot with our existing IVR system, deflecting calls and boosting self-service.

• Proactive Support: Forget chasing updates. We proactively reach out customers on WhatsApp, keeping them informed every step of the way.

• Seamless Permission Collection: Getting the green light for communication has never been easier.

But the transformation goes beyond the customer experience. We've empowered our workforce too. Trained in handling chat interactions, our handlers experience:

• Increased Productivity: By automating simpler tasks, handlers can focus on complex claims, boosting overall efficiency.

• Omnichannel Power: Equipped for a multi-channel world, handlers can seamlessly manage chats alongside other channels.

• Happier Employees: Reduced call volume translates to a happier and more satisfied team, optimizing asynchronous backoffice work.

Building for the Future, Today

Our vision doesn't stop at WhatsApp. We've designed a scalable solution with an eye towards the future. This means the core technology can be easily adapted to future voicebots and integrated into other communication channels. Plus, the self-service elements created for the chatbot are reusable, saving us time and resources when expanding our automated services.

It's not just about filing a claim, it's about a complete transformation. With our innovative approach, we got a solution that's:

- Easy to Integrate: Minimizes disruption to existing systems.

- Human-Centric: Simplifies communication and eliminates jargon.

- Future-Proof: Adapts and grows alongside our needs.

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