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23/05/2024 Banking Innovation


Artificial intelligence at the core of the Pricing process, to revolutionize the way pricing is defined and managed in the Bank, with impact on revenues, efficiency and user experience.

Innovation presentation

"Intesa Sanpaolo, already at the forefront of price management across all products and customer segments, has set the ambition to innovate the way pricing is done through the use ""at scale"" of Artificial Intelligence, by launching a multi-year program based on 3 pillars:

A) Machine Learning applied to Price Optimization to decrypt behaviors and set prices closer to the individual customer's willingness to pay;

B) AI-based Automation embedded End-To-End into the Bank's systems for the automation of real-time processes related to the offering of customized economic conditions and to the evaluation of the discount requests, thanks to AI's improved ability to understand customer preferences and implement the most effective response actions;

C) Natural Language Process used to develop specialized pricing virtual assistants that support users throughout the entire price request, negotiation and management process, retrieving hundreds of customer information in seconds and providing advanced advisory on price negotiation."

Uniqueness of the project

"The AI-powered Pricing program has enabled Intesa Sanpaolo to achieve the leadership position on the global banking landscape in pricing management; particularly in view of the following points:

Originality: Intesa Sanpaolo is the first Bank in the world to have a low-coding software capable of guiding users step-by-step in the creation of pricing Artificial Intelligence models, fully integrated with Bank processes and systems and available extensively on major products and customer segments. Intesa Sanpaolo is also the first Bank in the world having automated decisions regarding price discount requests coming from the Relationship Managers Network: machine learning models are able to automatically decide whether to grant the discount, reject it, or modify it, optimizing the volume/margin ratio with high levels of accuracy. Further element of uniqueness concerns the presence of a ""virtual assistant"" that, in ""whatsapp-like"" mode, assists users in real-time in price negotiation with the customer, providing data, benchmarks and advanced advisory, also with ""what-if"" scenarios;

Impact: The innovation introduced enable Intesa Sanpaolo to generate benefits on 3 key areas:

1. Revenues: the improved ability of Machine Learning models to estimate customers' willingness to pay increases the conversion rate and revenues;

2. Efficiency: the automation of processes for evaluating discount requests using Machine Learning models reduces the absorption of resources on highly ""human-intensive"" processes to be reallocated to higher value-added activities;

3. User experience: the development of virtual assistants radically changes the experience of people's interaction with Bank systems by enabling the retrieval of hundreds of customer information through the use of chat and to obtain proactive suggestions directly in the price negotiation phase with the customer;

Universality: the flexibility and scalability of the software solution made it possible to immediately extend the AI-powered approach to the Group's new digital bank (ISY Bank) and, from 2024, also to the foreign subsidiaries of the Intesa Sanpaolo Group's International Subsidiary Banks structure (starting from Serbia and Hungary) with the goal of extending it to all the international subsidiaries. The ability to customize pricing based on customer's behaviours is a critical success factor for all industries and markets."

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