• 20 Mar 2024
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  • 21 Mar 2024

Wednesday 2:30 PM to Thursday 3:00 PM (CEST)


SME Banking Summit 2024: SME Banking 360 - State of play and blockbusters beyond 2024

SME Banking

SME Banking in 2024 is likely to be marked by a combination of advanced technologies, tailored financial solutions, and strategic partnerships to foster growth and resilience within the small and medium-sized business sector.

Qorus SME banking Summit event is designed as a limited must-attend conference focusing on the future trends and challenges in the sector. The agenda divided into 5 blocks covers a wide range of topics and comprehensive insights, from the fundamental transformation of SME banking to leveraging advanced technologies, ensuring compliance, and promoting financial inclusion and sustainability. It provides a holistic view of the challenges and opportunities that the SME Banking sector is likely to face in the coming years. And most of all, it’ll be highly practical: from shapers and disruptors to leaders and winners. Best practices and case studies of global SME Banking Community of bankers. 


profile picture of Ken Burke

Ken Burke


SME Banking Community Chairman & Senior Advisor

profile picture of Piotr Teodorczyk

Piotr Teodorczyk


Head of SME Business

profile picture of Melis Ozdegirmenci

Melis Ozdegirmenci


SME Marketing Senior Vice President

profile picture of Jack de Mooij

Jack de Mooij


Director SME

profile picture of Clemens Mueller

Clemens Mueller

Erste Group

Tribe Lead, Corporate Banking & Capital Markets

profile picture of Juan Luis Huitz

Juan Luis Huitz

Erste Group

Corporate Business Partner

profile picture of Balázs Topor

Balázs Topor

Raiffeisen Bank International

SME Product & Segment Leader

profile picture of Antonio Fery Antunes

Antonio Fery Antunes

Millennium BCP

Head of Direct Channels for SME and Corporates

profile picture of Zubair Ahmed

Zubair Ahmed


Chief Industry Officer

profile picture of Dominic Provencal

Dominic Provencal

Mauritius Commercial Bank

Head of Business Banking

profile picture of Lukas Dzuroska

Lukas Dzuroska


Head of Communities

profile picture of Federico Sforza

Federico Sforza



profile picture of Naledzani Mosomane

Naledzani Mosomane

Standard Bank

Head Enterprise Development

profile picture of Gozde Enguzel

Gozde Enguzel


Digital Transformation Division Manager

profile picture of Stergios Zlatanos

Stergios Zlatanos

Piraeus Bank

Director SB Strategy

profile picture of Julien Defosse

Julien Defosse

Amazon Web Services

AWS - worldwide banking lead


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Practical information

SME Banking Summit 2024 is a part of the Qorus Reinvent Forum conference. Attendees can register to attend the SME Banking Summit separately or can purchase a 2-day pass to attend the Qorus Reinvent Forum and all its sessions.

To register for the Qorus Reinvent Forum (including the SME Banking Summit sessions), use the following link.




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