16/05/2024 Banking Innovation


Integrating API could be as flexible and effortless as you need it to be. We cater the client needs of how easy the API to integrate or how customizeable it is, by providing multiple choices of tools for the client developers to use.

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In the ever-evolving landscape of API integration, we recognize the challenges faced by developers when incorporating our APIs into their applications. To simplify this process and enhance the overall user experience, we are proud to introduce our innovative SDK as a service. Implementing APIs can often be unnecessarily complex, and our SDK is designed to bridge this gap by providing a streamlined integration solution. With our SDK, clients can seamlessly integrate our APIs into their systems, reducing the complexities associated with manual integration.

But we don't stop there, we understand that the user experience extends beyond just API integration. Recognizing the importance of the front end, we are planning to extend our SDK to include customizable front end components. Clients now have the option to choose between using our 'instant UI component,' pre-connected with the API for quick deployment, or they can opt to build their own UI component for a more tailored solution. This dual approach ensures that our clients not only experience ease and speed in integration but also have the flexibility to make choices based on their unique requirements.

Our commitment to providing a comprehensive solution goes beyond simplifying the technical aspects; it empowers our clients with the flexibility to shape their user interfaces according to their specific needs. In essence, our SDK as a service stands as a testament to our dedication to not only offering a swift and seamless integration experience but also providing our users with the autonomy to choose and customize their front end components, resulting in a truly personalized and efficient development process.

Uniqueness of the project

provides a dual approach to front end components, enabling users to choose between an 'instant UI component' for quick deployment or building their own UI for maximum flexibility and customization.

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