Qorus Innovation in Insurance Awards 2021

Innovation of novel inhibitor of COVID-19 and environmental Protection from Greenhouse CO2 Pollutant Gas Using Spiro-Microporous Absorbent Network

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10/04/2021 Insurance Innovation



Innovation presentation

AMPs with the most common epoxides used are ethylene oxide and propylene oxide. combined to CO2 through the following instrument (Figure 1) under different heating temperatures. The suitable condition for highly absorption temperature is 80 oC and normal pressure. Figures show modeling of AMPs for CO2 Capture (a) before and (b) after complex formation. The most important parameter, which gives a clear indication of complex formation, is the interaction energy. This energy, formation enthalpy (DH), in semiempirical methodology and electronic energy, DEelc, in DFT calculations, was calculated as the difference between total energy of complex CO2–macromolecules and the sum of the individual energies of CO2 and the macromolecules (Fig. 2). These values ranged from 0.3 to 5.8 Kcal mol_1 (values similar to medium-strong interactions). These results showed that the highest value (4.72 Kcal mol_1) form the most stable complexes with carbon dioxide and, therefore, seem to be the ones with higher affinity for the molecules of gas.

Uniqueness of the project

The most advantage of my dual treatment ways related to the traditional is the following:

1. Cheaper techniques.

2. Could be used in spaceships all of the countries at any temperatures or atmospheres.

3. Very important to save peoples live in closed places.

4. 99.9% efficiency as antiviral material.

5. Not hazard.

6. Staying long time for each time of spreading it in the closed places.

7. Could be applied in transportation and airplanes.

8. Have a promising result for develops in futures.

9. Green synthesis of biopolymers materials.

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