04/05/2020 Insurance Innovation


A digital health network that allows you to take advantage of specialist medical consultations and video visits directly from home

Innovation presentation

Welion's goal is to build healthcare models based on customer needs to design, organize and deliver innovative, high quality healthcare services at sustainable costs.

Due to the COVID-19 emergency Italian Health System is currently under severe strain, many hospitals are in difficulty and cannot guarantee specialist visits.

With the aim to bring healthcare close to people and being LifeTimePartner of our customers, Welion offers the possibility of access to specialist visits also in digital mode with the Telemedicine service.

A digital health network to cope health needs, maintaining high levels of service through agreements with facilities and doctors of excellence with the possibility to carry out specialist consultations and video-visits at reserved rates in total security.

The patient can also have a virtual and private space where saving and sharing his clinical documentation with the doctor. The service is available for a lot and different specializations.

Welion wants to be a reference point in the health sector for users and restore a dimension of proximity to healthcare especially when, despite quarantine, users need medical advice and cannot go to health care facilities.

Welion identified growing demand from individuals to take care of their own health and wellbeing. Being a LifeTimePartner means to listen to our customers, value their needs, improving experience in the use of services at any time and place. With this service, Welion expands healthcare services provided; in addition to traditional channels, it allows the simple use of telemedicine services. Main teams involved: CustomerExcellence&Delivery, Marketing, Products&Services.

Uniqueness of the project

The teleconsultation service wants to give an immediate medical response to users.

Considering the contingent period of emergency for Coronavirus the telemedicine service wants to give a specialist medical response to users.

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