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Qorus news is very rich: studies, awards, face-to-face or online events, everything is done to meet the needs of Qorus member financial institutions (but also sometimes for non-members). Here is a quick look at the best of our current and upcoming news.

14 Jun 2023
16 Jun 2023
14/06/2023 Conference

Reinvent Forum Milan

Join us for the Reinvent Forum in Milan on 14-16 June - the must-attend event for senior professionals from the financial services industry. Over the course of three days, we put together the perfect program to guide you through the emerging trends in the financial industry and allow you to...

27 Jun 2023
27/06/2023 Webinar

Balancing human and digital

This webinar will explore Qorus-Avanade research into how human touch builds customer trust and being truly human in your banking...

28 Jun 2023
28/06/2023 Coffee

From owning vehicles to using vehicles: growing financing needs

The traditional model of car ownership is rapidly evolving, as consumers seek greater flexibility and convenience in their transportation choices....

SME Banking
04 Jul 2023
04/07/2023 Coffee

Seeding success: Unveiling the future of agribanking

The online session will open a summer season dedicated to interview series and a research paper on Agribanking trends and...

Digital Reinvention
05 Jul 2023
05/07/2023 Coffee

Reinventing the insurance industry: harnessing technology to transform insurance

The insurance industry is undergoing rapid transformation, driven by the digital revolution, changing customer expectations, and the need to address...

Digital Reinvention
01/06/2023 Study

The Great Reinvention: The Global Digital Banking Radar 2023

This Global Digital Banking Radar highlights the fundamental and transformational changes in banking that are happening on a global scale.

Digital Reinvention
23/05/2023 Study

How intelligent automation can accelerate digital transformation and ROI

By seeing IA as a pillar of digital transformation, banks can achieve extraordinary outcomes. They can eliminate hundreds of thousands...

SME Banking
16/05/2023 Study

The rise of the gig economy: An opportunity not to be missed by financial institutions

As the gig economy continues to grow, it raises important questions about the future of work. What if the traditional...

Digital Reinvention
24/04/2023 Article

Banking Innovation of the Month: Santander Spain app

Launching this year’s round of Qorus-Accenture Banking Innovation of the Month awards, we are pleased to announce our first winner:...

Digital Reinvention
05/06/2023 Interview

Salmon: the sudden rise of a consumer finance challenger in the Philippines

Raffy Montemayor is Salmon’s Co-Founder and Business Head in the Philippines. He tells us more about the company, its offer...

18/04/2023 Study

From insuring assets to protecting mobility: Driving growth in the evolving mobility ecosystem

Mobility market evolution poses challenges and opportunities for P&C insurers who need to make the move from insuring assets to...

Open Finance
20/09/2022 Study

The wellness revolution: How insurers are driving growth with customer well-being

Our inaugural World Life and Health Insurance Report explores what wellness means to insurers, and how wellness-centric strategies can strengthen...

Digital Reinvention
23/03/2023 Study

Innovation in Retail Banking 2023

Innovation has become a critical component of business growth in the banking industry. Beyond creating the ‘next big thing,’ innovation...

Digital Reinvention
03/05/2023 Study

Innovation radar: Guerrilla banking – Physical distribution without branches

To be more present in the physical world, neobanks and challenger banks must be creative to compete with the leading...

21/02/2023 Study

The rise of the finfluencer and the psychology of investing for the modern consumer

Jitendra Tekchandani (Jeet), Deep Xpert for Customer Engagement and Digital Ecosystem, Executive Director, Regional MarTech & Cognitive Banking at DBS...

Digital Reinvention
09/05/2023 Study

Banca Widiba: Serving digital first customers

There are banks like the Italian Banca Widiba, an online bank for sure, but a bank with the required skills...


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