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Qorus news is very rich: studies, awards, face-to-face or online events, everything is done to meet the needs of Qorus member financial institutions (but also sometimes for non-members). Here is a quick look at the best of our current and upcoming news.

Digital Reinvention
13/06/2024 Article

Financial Innovation Spotlight: June 2024 edition

We've handpicked five new and intriguing projects that caught our attention.

06/06/2024 Article

Qorus announce winners of its ninth insurance innovation awards

Qorus, a global association for retail financial institutions today announced the winners of 2024 Qorus Innovation in Insurance Awards during...

Digital Reinvention
21/11/2023 Article

Qorus and Accenture’s Banking Innovation Awards turn 10 and 2023 winners announced

Qorus and Accenture today announced the winners of the tenth annual Qorus-Accenture Banking Innovation Awards during an interactive online ceremony...

Digital Reinvention
21/03/2024 Article

European innovation excellence in the spotlight at the Qorus Reinvention Awards in Vienna

Qorus, a global association for retail financial institutions, announced the winners of its first-ever Qorus Reinvention Awards – Europe during...

Digital Reinvention
22/11/2023 Article

First-ever Qorus Reinvention Awards put the spotlight on Asia Pacific innovation excellence

Qorus announced the winners of its inaugural Qorus Reinvention Awards – APAC during a live ceremony in Bangkok.

Digital Reinvention
12/10/2023 Article

Middle Eastern and African innovation excellence in the spotlight at the first-ever Qorus Reinvention Awards

Qorus announced the winners of its inaugural Qorus Reinvention Awards – MEA during a live ceremony in Dubai.

SME Banking
21/03/2024 Article

Recognizing excellence in SME banking: Highlights from the 4th SME Banking Awards ceremony

The fourth edition of the SME Banking Awards ceremony celebrated remarkable achievements and innovation in catering to SMEs worldwide. This...

06/06/2024 Study

Innovation Radar: Innovation in Insurance Awards winners 2024

The best of the Qorus Innovation in Insurance Awards 2024 in text and video.

Digital Reinvention
05/12/2023 Study

Innovation Radar: Banking Innovation Awards winners 2023

This year we received 452 innovations from 182 institutions in 61 countries in 2023 – a true showcase for innovation...

Digital Reinvention
21/03/2024 Study

Innovation Radar: Reinvention Awards Europe winners 2024

Discover the most innovative projects from banks and insurance companies in Europe.

Digital Reinvention
23/10/2023 Study

Innovation Radar: Reinvention Awards MEA winners 2023

Discover the most innovative projects from banks and insurance companies in the Middle East and Africa.

Digital Reinvention
28/11/2023 Study

Innovation Radar: Reinvention Awards Asia Pacific winners 2023

Discover the most innovative projects from banks and insurance companies in the Asia Pacific region.

19/06/2024 Study

The Qorus Innovation in Insurance Awards trends 2024

Whether harnessing the latest technological advancements like generative AI or the metaverse, or addressing customer or employee needs directly, the...

Digital Reinvention
12/03/2024 Study

The AI imperative: The future of frictionless banking

In a world where artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) are redefining industries, our report delves into the transformative potential...

Digital Reinvention
14/03/2024 Study

Empowering Europe: The journey of the EU Digital Identity Wallet

The EUDI program's ambition to equip 80% of the EU's population with digital ID wallets by 2030 signifies a paradigm...

Digital Reinvention
01/06/2023 Study

The Great Reinvention: The Global Digital Banking Radar 2023

This Global Digital Banking Radar highlights the fundamental and transformational changes in banking that are happening on a global scale.

Digital Reinvention
26/06/2023 Study

Balancing human and digital: Are banks losing touch with customers?

New Qorus-Avanade report shows banks face a high-wire act in blending human engagement and digital interaction.

Digital Reinvention
23/05/2023 Study

How intelligent automation can accelerate digital transformation and ROI

By seeing IA as a pillar of digital transformation, banks can achieve extraordinary outcomes. They can eliminate hundreds of thousands...

Embedded Insurance
07/02/2024 Study

Unlocking the future: A deep dive into embedded insurance across key sectors

The transformative impact of Embedded Insurance 2.0 extends across diverse industries. From travel to mobility, health, cybersecurity, and even retail,...

Digital Reinvention
20/12/2023 Study

Breaking boundaries: New ways of working in financial institutions

Looking forward, success in the financial industry hinges on harmonizing technology, sustainable practices, and a people-centric approach. The future of...

Digital Reinvention
15/11/2023 Study

Revolutionizing real estate: Mortgage transformation, new business models and home ownership ecosystems

Real estate innovation benefits both consumers and businesses, ushering in an era of efficiency and accessibility. Staying updated with the...

Digital Reinvention
15/02/2024 Article

GenAI dazzles but there’s plenty more AI magic to come

AWS and Banco Bradesco showcased the remarkable capabilities of GenAI. But they also cautioned companies to prepare for the arrival...

28/02/2024 Study

Unveiling efficient organizational models for ESG and sustainability in financial institutions

By providing insights into diverse approaches, this paper aims to guide financial institutions in navigating the evolving landscape of CSR...

Digital Reinvention
03/08/2023 Study

Call center analytics: Mining the power of data

This study by Emirates NBD and Qorus demonstrates how advanced analytics operating on existing data assets can enable a critical...

SME Banking
20/03/2024 Study

Unleashing SME banking potential with embedded finance: Simplifying financial services to create unprecedented convenience for SMEs

In this paper, we will unravel the key challenges that banks need to address to not only navigate the upcoming...

SME Banking
03/04/2024 Study

A bancassurance breakthrough: Nurturing SME relationships through customized insurance products

In this paper, we outline the opportunity bancassurance presents to banks, as well as the key considerations that should be...

SME Banking
22/11/2023 Study

Elevating SME banking beyond boundaries: Empowering SMEs with value-added services and personalization

Qorus teamed up with VeriPark to continue the work on the recently published report focusing on "The five maturity levels...

SME Banking
15/06/2023 Study

The five maturity levels of SME Banking: A journey from digital transformation to disruption

A team of experts from VeriPark and Qorus, along with a steering committee comprising SME banking executives from across the...

18/04/2023 Study

From insuring assets to protecting mobility: Driving growth in the evolving mobility ecosystem

Mobility market evolution poses challenges and opportunities for P&C insurers who need to make the move from insuring assets to...

08/05/2024 Study

The future of healthcare: Transforming the pathway to wellness

In the swiftly evolving domain of healthcare, advancements in technology and innovation are fundamentally altering the landscape of wellness. From...

04/12/2023 Study

The aging well opportunity: How trust and engagement can unlock growth for insurers

This report made by Capgemini with the participation of Qorus emphasizes the importance of early engagement with clients and beneficiaries,...

09/04/2024 Study

Driving forces: The interplay of financial services and the EV sector

The financial services sector and the electric vehicle (EV) sector are two dynamic realms undergoing a significant transformation in today's...

Digital Reinvention
23/03/2023 Study

Innovation in Retail Banking 2023

Innovation has become a critical component of business growth in the banking industry. Beyond creating the ‘next big thing,’ innovation...

Digital Reinvention
03/05/2023 Study

Innovation Masters: Guerrilla banking – Physical distribution without branches

To be more present in the physical world, neobanks and challenger banks must be creative to compete with the leading...

18/03/2024 Study

Opportunities and threats facing financial services providers in the mobility revolution

The report highlights the profound changes in the automobility industry, driven by structural shifts and unexpected disruptions, emphasizing the growing...

SME Banking
18/10/2023 Study

Empowering smallholder farmers: How financial institutions lead the way towards sustainable agriculture

Smallholder farmers face numerous struggles, including limited digital access, financial constraints, and difficulties in establishing connections with buyers and accessing...

04/10/2023 Study

Human rights in finance: A moral imperative and a savvy business approach

This report explores the vital need for the financial sector to integrate human rights standards into risk management.

06/09/2023 Study

Weathering the storm: Climate change's impact on home insurance rates

In this report, we’ll delve into the factors driving up home insurance rates and explore case studies of affected US...

Digital Reinvention
08/08/2023 Study

A fistful of profits – the good, the bad, and the ugly of savings and investing

A revolution led by fintechs and banks emerges as a trusty steed, bridging the gap and leading individuals towards newfound...

SME Banking
16/05/2023 Study

The rise of the gig economy: An opportunity not to be missed by financial institutions

As the gig economy continues to grow, it raises important questions about the future of work. What if the traditional...

Digital Reinvention
07/03/2024 Article

Innovation Masters: How banks and insurance companies engage customers with travel apps

A selection of innovative travel-related projects submitted for the Qorus Innovation in Insurance Awards and the Qorus Banking Innovation Awards...

SME Banking
15/04/2024 Article

Innovation Masters: Banks at the forefront of women's business empowerment

A selection of innovative projects empowering female entrepreneurship, submitted for the Qorus Banking Innovation Awards in recent years by KCB,...

Digital Reinvention
21/05/2024 Article

Innovation Masters: How top insurers retain customers

In this article, we'll explore recent successful innovative programs for retaining customers by Discovery, Mapfre, Triple-S Vida, AXA, and Nib....

Digital Reinvention
14/02/2024 Article

Innovation Masters: How insurers generate new revenues with pet ecosystems

A selection of the most innovative pet insurance projects received at the Qorus Innovation in Insurance Awards. In the spotlight:...


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