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15/02/2024 Insurance Innovation


Transforming insurance accessibility globally with innovative Infrastructure-as-a-Service solutions. B4E Insurtech: revolutionizing insurance for the underserved.

Innovation presentation

Vision: Transforming insurance accessibility globally

Mission: To revolutionize insurance for the underserved

Unique Selling Propositions (USPs):

- Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) catering to the entire Insurance supply chain

- B4E Insurtech leads with innovative no-code IaaS solutions

- Enables insurers to innovate and deploy simple, rule-based, inclusive insurance products in under 30 minutes

Global Impact:

- Bridging the insurance gap for the underserved and uninsured worldwide

- Creating long-term competitive edge and ROI for clients

Scalability and Adaptability:

- Solutions tailored for diverse markets and regulatory environments

- Universality of our innovation across different countries


- Uniqueness of B4E Insurtech's approach in the marketplace:

- Disrupting traditional insurance models with IaaS

- Pioneering inclusive insurance products for the underserved


- Demonstrating superior, long-term competitive edge

- Concrete examples of ROI and societal benefits

- Increased financial inclusion and resilience on a global scale


- Adaptable solutions across different markets and countries

- Successful implementations in diverse regions

- Scalability and versatility of our offerings


- B4E Insurtech: Leading the way in transforming insurance accessibility

- Positioned for recognition as a gamechanger in the industry

- Ready to create lasting impact and value for our clients and communities

Uniqueness of the project

With B4E Insurtech, innovation meets adaptability. Our system seamlessly adapts to a spectrum of pre-underwritten, rule-based, offer-to-accept OTC insurance products, covering a wide array of niche offerings. What sets us apart? We eliminate financial constraints with zero upfront cost, allowing you to focus on innovation. Technical hurdles become a thing of the past with our intuitive, no-code simplicity, enabling your product team to design and launch products effortlessly. Efficiency is unleashed as products can be brought to market in under 30 minutes, propelling your business forward with unmatched speed. Set no limits with infinite product variants and deploy multiple products from various providers on one platform without extra charges. Seamlessly integrate with your provider policy-admin system through plug-and-play integration, complementing rather than replacing legacy systems. We fuel creativity, empowering your product team to experiment and test new ideas, driving innovation forward. With data deployed locally on your cloud server, you retain full network and data control. Our partnership-centric commercial model ensures that your success is paramount, with a revenue structure aligned with your sales. Unlock new frontiers with infinite use cases, from untapped segments to compelling Value Added Services, expanding your horizons. Think global, act local with scalability, developing propositions for multiple global businesses from a centralized point. With B4E Insurtech, the possibilities are endless.

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