Reinventing financial services by reinventing the world

02/11/2022 article

In Barcelona, on December 1st and 2nd 2022, just after the Qorus-Accenture Banking Innovation Awards ceremony, Qorus will continue to celebrate innovation and those who make it happen at a unique event: Reinvent Forum Barcelona. It will not only be about innovation, but even reinvention. Reinvention of financial services and quite simply reinvention of our daily lives to build the world of tomorrow. A world that will necessarily be more sustainable and more technology-oriented.

Qorus is a catalyst for reinvention for our financial services companies by helping them to go further, be faster and work together. At Reinvent Forum Barcelona, we will host you in the prestigious CosmoCaixa to discuss the key challenges the market is facing right now and build on the opportunities of tomorrow. Gonzalo Gortazar, CEO of CaixaBank, gold winner of the 2021 Qorus-Accenture Banking Innovation Awards, will do us the great honor of being the first speaker at this extraordinary event.

He will be followed by other selected keynote speakers who will explain in turn how they reinvent the world.

Reinventing a more sustainable world can be achieved through the implementation of a mobility solution. This is what Andy Fuchs, General Manager at the Toyota Mobility Foundation, is doing in different countries by starting from the ground up and building partnerships with different stakeholders at the local level.

We live in an incredible time where new technologies allow companies to completely reinvent the way they work and operate, and even reinvent their business model. This is the case in financial services but also in high-level sports. Albert Mundet, Director of Innovation at the FC Barcelona Innovation Hub, will explain how he uses innovation for the famous football club and how he uses AI for tactical analysis.

The metaverse is a virtual universe that is attracting a lot of interest. Is it the future of the web? Will it change the way we do business? And above all, what will be the place of banks in this new world? Emilio Capela Naya, Partner at McKinsey Digital and one of the leaders of McKinsey’s Metaverse Practice, will tell us how the metaverse can actually create value for companies and what priorities he sees related to metaverse. 

CaixaBank has established itself as one of the most innovative banks in the world, offering a high-flying customer experience through a perfectly mastered multi-channel distribution. Carolina Hernandez Coderch, Customer Experience Director at CaixaBank, will reveal the secrets of this success, presenting how they turn customer experience into the most important asset of the company.

At Qorus, innovation is our passion. We've been celebrating the great successes of innovation in banking and insurance for over a decade through our awards. But all professionals agree, innovation often means failure and one day's failures may be tomorrow's successes. Sarp Demiray, CEO at EMBank, Seán Jevens, Head of Digital Channel Development at AIB, and Andras Fischer, Director of Innovation at OTP Bank, will talk about their failures and successes in their never-ending quest to reinvent banking.

Reinvent Forum Barcelona will also feature community meet-ups around three themes (digital reinvention, sustainability and open finance) as well as a visit organized in three physical spaces imagined by CaixaBank (imaginCafé, Insights Center, All in One). These three spaces are as many different ways to reinvent physical distribution, but also the role of the bank in the city and in the life of its inhabitants.

We hope to see you at this event that we want to be different, visionary rather than ‘banking as usual’.

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